Forest trailer with crane Farma

5,1 metre crane, 8 tonne trailer

The FARMA CT 5.1-8 lumber trailer is a real bestseller. The trailer is also available with the C 5.3 G2 crane. The difference between the cranes is not just the reach. The G2 C 5.3 crane gives you a completely new movement pattern. The C 5.3 G2 is a more modern crane, including a linkage system for optimum movement pattern and lifting power. You can compare the specifications for the cranes later in the brochure. Then it’s your choice whether you go for a classic or one of the new Generation 2 cranes. That it’s a model that suits a great number of active forest owners is shown by the number of trailers sold. Perhaps it would suit you too. You don’t lightly abandon a true classic!

The FARMA CT 5.1-8 lumber trailer is equipped as standard with hydraulic support legs, 3 banks and equipped with 400/60 15.5 wheels. As you can see in the picture, the support legs are well protected in front of the railing while in the up position.

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Load capacity 8 000 kg
Loading area 1.95 m2
Loading lenght 3.56 m
Total lenght 5.4 m
Total wide 2.1 m
Ground clearance 505 mm
Wheel dimension 400/60 - 15.5
Weight basic trailer 1 310 kg
Steering angle with frame steering 39 °


Lift capacity net 33 kNm
Slewing torque 8.8 kNm
Slewing angle 360 °
Reach 5.1 m
Recommended Oil flow 35 - 50 l/min
Working pressure 175 bar
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,16 / Weight of crane* 622/530
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,20 / Weight of crane* 657/530
Lifting force kg full length (excl. grapple/rotator) 450
* Weight kg incl. grapple, link, rotator