Hook lift trailer BIGAB

B 8 – 12

BIGAB 8–12 with its 30 years in service is a faithful servant indeed. It is light and versatile but has a strong frame and greater load capacity than the 7-10 model. BIGAB 8-12 has become popular for use together with wheel excavators, when a strong frame is required but high speed towing is not as important. Recommended max speed – 30 km/h.

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Trailer dimensions | Matrix

Bogie type Mech. pendulum bogie
Standard tyres 400/60 - 15,5
Requisite tractor hydraulics
1 brake outlet
1 double action
Oil volume
Minimum available oil volume, with full system
8 l
Chassi weight
Standard equipment
2 200 kg
Chassi lenght 5.7 m
Width across wheels 2.1 m
Total weigth 12 300 kg
Max load exchange including container bridge 10 000 kg
Max load during container bridge exchange 8 000 kg
Load on tow eye
Depending in the position of the container
1 500 - 2 000 kg
Max tipping capacity 10 000 kg